say a little prayer for us!!

So I know that is been some time since I have actually gotten on here and wrote, for the very few that follow and read, perhaps you were wondering what the hell happened. I had this amazing plan, like mentioned to go get on suboxone. Well unfortunatley keeping that 350 dollars for a week to […]

Journal Entry 1/29

So I’m hoping that the whole its gotta get bad before it gets better thing is whats happening in my life. The past week things have been like outta control on the dope kick.  I told y’all that last Friday we were sick as fuck.  For anyone who has no clue what dope sick feels […]

(story in progress)

I’m not really sure if I have given any background on the boyfriends family, I had mentioned that when we got back to Kentucky from Michigan, the boyfriend’s parents would not allow for my daughter and I to stay. It was mainly because his dad really dislikes me. Which irritates the piss out of me, […]

Journal Entry.. 1/25

So I am going to try and organize my blog, to seperate the journal entries, from the posts that tell my story. I just haven’t found the time to really learn how all this stuff works yet. Be patient with me though, I am going to get it all together sooner or later, and feel […]